Airtel Xstream TV App

Project Objective 🎯

Key Agenda 🔑

  1. Promotion: Promoting Airtel Xsteam to attract more users.
  2. Subscription: Increase the current subscription rate.
  3. Awareness: Creating awareness of the new platforms that have recently been introduced for them.

Timeline ⏳

How to Create an Emotional Connection in Design

It’s almost the same as we do in our Human Relationships.

1. Communicate with each other…

Can’t Unsee

Image Credit: Microsoft Design

1. Google Design

2. IBM Design

3. Microsoft

4. Atlassian

5. Helpscout

6. Apple

1. The Futur

2. Flux

3. CharliMarieTV

Cover by @siddhitaupare

Make it simple

Abhinav Agrawal

Product Designer at Airtel | Guy with a notepad

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