• Claire Ledgard

    Claire Ledgard

    Líder de Experiencia y Product Design Leader. #UX #Researcher #Coach #Overthinker. De Barcelona, con base en Chile.

  • Marina Martínez García

    Marina Martínez García

    UX/UI Designer

  • Brendan English

    Brendan English

    I design and develop things for the internet.

  • Moana NUI

    Moana NUI

  • Debra Brian

    Debra Brian

  • Asha Sri

    Asha Sri

  • Kevin Zschach

    Kevin Zschach

    Coffee Lover | Husband. Father. Believer | Marketing Enthusiast | CMO — CAMP3

  • Nerdywayne


    An overthinking Designaut 👩🏼‍🚀 | Technology | Digital | Tech Enthusiast | Product DesigNerd |📍A Fintech in Bay area

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