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Who says a guest speaker can turn any event into a life-changing experience only for the audience? It can turn out to be one for the guest speaker too!

Webkul organized a gigantic Dribbble meet up on 24th November 2018.

Thanks to the organizer Nitish Khagwal who were confident in my capabilities and gave me an opportunity to share it with the audiences for the greater good.

Being honest, I was a first-time speaker at this meet up where everyone was a master of their own trades. Bit tough and I was imagining what if they won’t enjoy my session? Expectations and self-delivering things bound me to look for a topic which is needed to be discussed and they would remember me for my valuable knowledge sharing. After a deep research, I thought of the topic “Use of Social Media to Attract Clients for Freelance Design Project”

I just want to be one who can motivate, educate, and make them realize that a freelance designer is himself a business developer who finds projects, works on them and delivers them to the clients. Basic communication pillars of my topic were — Why does Social Media Matters for Designers and on which Social Media Platforms they should focus on?

While discussing why social media platforms matter to the designers I said,

“You don’t have to use every social channel. But you should be present on the channels where your clients hang out the most.”

Later I briefed them about which Social Media Platforms they should focus on, why they should focus on them and how?

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

The topic and my audience were made for each other. They kept asking their questions and my suggestion over their situations. I answered and asked them to stay in touch with me because helping them out is what I Iove to do, but, after designing.



Lead Designer @PayUindia | Guy with a Notepad | Ex @airtelindia, @TimesInternet

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Abhinav Agrawal

Lead Designer @PayUindia | Guy with a Notepad | Ex @airtelindia, @TimesInternet